First Session

Meeting at the Vine & Sickle

It is late summer, and the weather is hot and humid…

…typical for the Ducal Colony of Greenguard at this time of year. Our intrepid adventuring party is gathered at the Vine & Sickle Inn, after returning from a mission where they salvaged some cargo from a shipwreck of the shore to the south. As the group was relaxing and enjoying some proper food and drink for a change, they were approached by a half-elf named Mason. He is a foreman for the Lockhaven Trading Company who normally doles out tasks to the family’s freelance agents in Greenguard. mason provided a rundown of the Company’s recent woes: A backlog of shipments from the Duchy across the sea, missing ships, Shipping lanes forced to move due to natural disasters, pirate activity, raids on the trade route to the Dwarven Kingdom… Times seem to be getting tough in Greenguard.

What with the missing ships, the company is behind on trade shipments to the dwarves, so the family is looking for other means of payment. The plan is to set up a deal with the villages in the swamp to the south, for medicinal herbs. The herbs are abundant in the swamp, and the small fishing villages are poor and eager for extra goods and income. The company can the trade the herbs to the dwarves at a significant mark-up. It seems like the perfect plan, except for one small hitch. The agent sent to negotiate the deal is missing. Enter our band of adventurers!

The Family wants you to go down into the swamps to find the missing agent, an elf named Thandric. To that end you’ve been provided passage to a small fishing village on the coast called Herring Point. It’s a short journey, and you arrive there in the afternoon. The town is small, composed of ramshackle wooden buildings. The smell of fish is overpowering, which makes sense given the large racks of salted fish left out in the sun to dry. Upon arrival, the denizens of the village don’t know what to make of the party. Such exotic, well-armed folk are almost never seen in this tiny village. Most of the folk retreat into their homes, giving the village a deserted look.

To try to entice the folk out, Iris summoned her eidolon, Kocobob, and asked him to do some tricks in the center of the village. Unfortunately, brightly colored, summoned, celestial beings are also not seen very frequently in tiny fishing villages, and the villagers are more afraid of Kocobob than intrigued.

Gaelin and Iris went around to the houses, knocking on doors and trying to reassure the villagers. Iris managed to coax a few folks out, who were quite impressed with Kocobob after they realized that he would not eat them.

Gaelin, dusted off his finery and put on his most charming smile as he started asking about Thandric (the missing agent). He was directed to the village elder, who told him that the agent had been through the village about a week earlier, and set off into the swamp in a rented flatboat. He was pointed toward the docks, where the swamp boats that make the run between herring Point and Mirrshire tie up.

Meanwhile, Twitch went into the the local inn to see what he could find out. The Mended Net is not a large establishment, and it is full up with sailors rescued from a recent shipwreck – the very one that the party had recently salvaged cargo from.

In all of this activity, G’Tar, and Alton hung in the background, trying not to look too imposing, while Ruby helped Iris and Gaelin sooth the villagers.

And that’s where we finished up.


Twitch had not really had a chance to talk to the barkeep. Should Twitch choose to make any queries at the inn, the barkeep as you would expect, would probably strike up a friendly conversation. Also, several of the sailors recognize Twitch as part of the salvage team from the shipwreck.

Gaelin, I believe, was headed to the docks. He will find that one of the swamp trading boats is moored there – a medium-sized barge operated by a husband and wife by the names of Bud and Bertha. Bud looks like he is pretty amiable, while Bertha seems more matter-of-fact in her demeanor. Bud will wave at Gaelin and shout a friendly greeting as he approaches. Bertha will tell Bud to tie down those crates already! The barge needs to be loaded before sundown!



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