Second Session

Into the swamp!

We picked up with…

…the party finishing their inquiries about the missing agent around town. Twitch scouted out the inn, but the sailors there were recent arrivals and had no knowledge of the missing agent. They did however speak of folks going missing not only in Herring Point but also Greenguard. He also managed to secure a room for the party. Meanwhile Gaelin went to the docks to see if a boat was available for traveling through the swamp to Mirrshire. He met Bud and Bertha, a married couple who operated a large flatboat. They were loading up crates of dried fish bound for Mirrshire. After helping them load the boat, Gaelin convinced them to let the party come along. But as it was approaching dusk, they would not leave until the morning.

Alton stayed on the boat with Bertha to keep her company while the rest of the party went back to the inn with Bud for a drink. After having a drink of watered-down ale (and mostly not noticing), Bud went back to the boat and the party attempted to go to their room at the inn, which they found out was a loft above the barn in the back. (With all the sailors, the inn was overcrowded). So the party chose to not stay at the inn, despite Iris’ gnomish desire to have a new experience (the experience of getting fleas).

The party learned about an abandoned house in the village from the bartender, and so chose to spend the night there. It was a bit drafty and had a puddle in one corner. Upon closer inspection the puddle turned out to be a gray ooze. The ooze was quickly dispatched due to Twitch’s well-stocked supply of alchemical goods (including alkali flasks). After dispatching the ooze, the party was able to rest for the night.

In the morning, they proceeded to Mirrshire. It was a slow morning-long trip as they poled the barge through the swamp. The peaceful trip was only interrupted by an encounter with a yellow musk creeper – a carnivorous plant that like to plant its seeds in fresh corpses. Despite its reputation as a dangerous creature, the party quickly killed it, mostly with different kinds of fiery attacks. However, there were several yellow musk zombies on hand as well – previous victims of the plant which were now controlled by the plants seedlings as they devoured the corpses from within. These took slightly longer to deal with, but the party managed to eliminate them without too much trouble. A search of the zombies turned up some treasure, which had been possessed by the previous victims. One victim in particular seemed to have been a religious missionary of some sort, and had some valuable items. (Detailed below.)

Apart from that, the party made it to Mirrshire uneventfully. Mirrshire was a very poor village with no shops or inns. The party managed to find the village elder, who told them that he had seen the missing agent and even signed a contract with him. The agent had then departed back toward Herring Point, and that was the last anyone in the village had seen of him. The party resolved to make a copy of the contract to deliver back to Greenguard, but also decided to look for the missing agent.

It was approaching dusk by the time the contract had been copied. After some debate, the party decided to take Bud and Bertha’s boat out into the swamp that night and set themselves up as “bait” for whatever might be causing the disappearances of all of the missing people. The party hired a local boy (after a bit of convincing) as a guide, and left a hefty deposit with Bud and Bertha to effectively rent the boat from them. The party promised to return by the morning so everyone (including Bud and Bertha) could go back to Herring Point.

But after many hours on the boat, the party did not find anything – until in the depth of the night, Ruby and Twitch heard something swimming through the water behind the boat. They quietly alerted the rest of the party, and then…

The session ended. Next time we will start with the night scene on the boat, with something (3 evil creatures actually, as Gaelin the ever-vigilant paladin ascertained) lurking out there in the water.


Treasure found:

Ring of Protection +1 (currently Alton has it)
A wand of cure light wounds (divine, caster level 3) with 29 charges
Pouch containing 9pp 8gp 10sp
A gold pendant in the form of a trident (not magical)
A rusted dagger (which Alton mended, so it is now a serviceable normal dagger)

XP: Everyone (including G’Tar) gets 400XP for the session.



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