Third Session

There's something out there in the water...

We began the session in the deep of night…

…with the party on Bud and Bertha’s barge, alone but for Alfric, their guide. Twitch heard
something rippling through the water and Gaelin had sensed three evil creatures. The party was alerted and made their preparations. As the unknown creatures approached, unseen, underwater, Gaelin leapt out of the boat and skewered one with his glowing sword.

The battle that ensued was made tense by a frightening croak from one of the creatures, later identified as Boggards – ugly frog-men who dwell deep in the swamp. But the party prevailed and even managed to capture an injured Boggard. Unfortunately all attempts at communication failed. The Boggard could be intimidated but could not communicate anything to the party. After much debate, and angst, and fretting, and moral crises, it was slain, and the party returned to the village.

The villagers were relieved to see the party return unharmed and concerned about the fact that Boggards had been seen so far north, and so close to the village. No one seemed to know exactly where they dwelled, or if they had anything to do with the missing agent or villagers. So after purchasing the barge, in return for a smaller boat and some gold, the party rested for the day and prepared to set out again that night.

Upon setting out that evening, the party heard the croaking of Boggards unusually close to the village, and disturbingly, the cry of a person. After determining the rough direction, the party set off in pursuit. Gaelin and G’Tar poled the barge as quickly as possible, while Twitch used his alchemical extracts to great advantage while scouting ahead.

After about 30 minutes of pursuit, the progress of the Boggards seemed to halt. Twitch closed in for a look, while the rest of the party stayed back with the barge. As Twitch peered through the reeds and brush, he saw…

We’ll find out next time!


Loot from last session: 5 leather armor, 5 wood and bone morningstars.

XP: Everyone gets 500 XP



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