Fourth Session
Great hornytoads!

As the session began, our party found itself trailing a group of boggards through the swamp… approaching the place where the boggards seemed to have stopped. It was the dead of night. The swamp, normally alive with chirping frogs and the calls of night-birds was silent, but for the distant cry of an abducted child and the horrible croaking of the boggards.

Twitch has swum up close to place where they had stopped. He peered through the reeds and saw a village. Well, more like a collection of a few hovels made of mud and sticks. He could see a boggard or two but wanted a better view. Downing another of his alchemy infusions, he became tiny again, and slowly swam through the weeds choking the shallow channel that traversed the boggard village. At the far end, he saw a few more boggards tying the abducted child to a large stake stuck in the ground. Beside the child was another slumped figure, tightly bound to another large stake.

Creeping silently, he managed to work his way into the brush behind the captives, escaping the notice of the boggards. That was when he recognized Thandric… the missing agent of the trading company! The one they had been sent to find.

So here he was, on the far side of the village. His companions were waiting for him to give a signal. Twitch debated what to do. that was when Cocobob appeared with a splash at the far end of the village.

Iris had grown impatient and sent in her eidolon to investigate. Her brightly colored, and as it turned out, not-so-sltealthy eidolon. Well, Cocobob ended up attracting several boggards his way. The situation did not look good, as the rest of the party was still a long way out of the village (but now furiously poling the barge closer, as it appeared that their cover had been broken).

Twitch decided to take an opportunistic chance and threw an alchemical bomb from his hiding place in the bushes behind the prisoners. A boggard was scorched badly, but most of the commotion surrounded Cocobob. Seeing his distress, Iris un-summoned him. Cocobob disappeared, leaving a cluster of very confused boggards. For his part, Twitch had managed to remain hidden in all of the commotion. The immediate danger had passed

Meanwhile, Gaelin and G’tar had been poling the barge ever closer. When they were within range, G’Tar shot a boggard with his mighty bow. And then the battle commenced in earnest.

At the far end of the village, Twitch managed to release the prisoners and drag them to cover, while the rest of the party engaged the main group of Boggards at the other end of the collection of huts.

After a little while, enough commotion was caused to lure the boggard leader out of his hut. Bad decision on his part. He was nearly fricasseed him with a well aimed bomb. It was all the boggard chieftan could do to jump into the central pond and douse himself.

By now, boggards were falling to the main party, but they were still fairly well pinned at the edge of the village. Then a most unexpected sight appeared – an orc appeared, coming out of one of the huts. A magic-using orc. twitch made another move and started to lob bombs at the orc to distract him from the rest of the party. And if one thinks of “distraction” as being set on fire and badly burned with alchemical bombs, then yes, the orc was distracted. It was so distracted that it decided to inflict some of its own “distraction” upon Twitch.

Seeing Twitch in trouble, Gaelin broke through the boggard lines and valiantly trudged through waist high water in his full plate armor. Despite suffering serious injury trying to reach his comrade, he did manage to get there. The boggard chieftain re-emerged from the pond at just the wrong time, and had its skull crushed by the paladin. Finally, Gaelin had reached twitch, only to be set alight as the gnome desperately bombed the encroaching orc. Luckily, the orc was nearly spent. Gaelin moved in and clove it nearly in two.

Shortly afterward, the rest of the party put an end to the remaining boggards. The injured were patched up as best they could be in the circumstances. A search of the village commenced, and a not insignificant amount of treasure was found, including several unusually well crafted weapons bearing the mark of a clawed, black hand.

After taking a moment to regroup, the party debriefed the rescued agent, Thandric, who told them of his capture by a band of orcs and his subsequent transport to and captivity in this boggard settlement.

Concluding that there was not much more to be done in the now empty village of slaughtered frog-men, they made their way back to Mirrshire. The kidnapped child was returned to his mother, and the party earned a much needed rest. Travel back to Greenguard could at least wait until morning.

Third Session
There's something out there in the water...
We began the session in the deep of night…

…with the party on Bud and Bertha’s barge, alone but for Alfric, their guide. Twitch heard
something rippling through the water and Gaelin had sensed three evil creatures. The party was alerted and made their preparations. As the unknown creatures approached, unseen, underwater, Gaelin leapt out of the boat and skewered one with his glowing sword.

The battle that ensued was made tense by a frightening croak from one of the creatures, later identified as Boggards – ugly frog-men who dwell deep in the swamp. But the party prevailed and even managed to capture an injured Boggard. Unfortunately all attempts at communication failed. The Boggard could be intimidated but could not communicate anything to the party. After much debate, and angst, and fretting, and moral crises, it was slain, and the party returned to the village.

The villagers were relieved to see the party return unharmed and concerned about the fact that Boggards had been seen so far north, and so close to the village. No one seemed to know exactly where they dwelled, or if they had anything to do with the missing agent or villagers. So after purchasing the barge, in return for a smaller boat and some gold, the party rested for the day and prepared to set out again that night.

Upon setting out that evening, the party heard the croaking of Boggards unusually close to the village, and disturbingly, the cry of a person. After determining the rough direction, the party set off in pursuit. Gaelin and G’Tar poled the barge as quickly as possible, while Twitch used his alchemical extracts to great advantage while scouting ahead.

After about 30 minutes of pursuit, the progress of the Boggards seemed to halt. Twitch closed in for a look, while the rest of the party stayed back with the barge. As Twitch peered through the reeds and brush, he saw…

We’ll find out next time!


Loot from last session: 5 leather armor, 5 wood and bone morningstars.

XP: Everyone gets 500 XP

Second Session
Into the swamp!
We picked up with…

…the party finishing their inquiries about the missing agent around town. Twitch scouted out the inn, but the sailors there were recent arrivals and had no knowledge of the missing agent. They did however speak of folks going missing not only in Herring Point but also Greenguard. He also managed to secure a room for the party. Meanwhile Gaelin went to the docks to see if a boat was available for traveling through the swamp to Mirrshire. He met Bud and Bertha, a married couple who operated a large flatboat. They were loading up crates of dried fish bound for Mirrshire. After helping them load the boat, Gaelin convinced them to let the party come along. But as it was approaching dusk, they would not leave until the morning.

Alton stayed on the boat with Bertha to keep her company while the rest of the party went back to the inn with Bud for a drink. After having a drink of watered-down ale (and mostly not noticing), Bud went back to the boat and the party attempted to go to their room at the inn, which they found out was a loft above the barn in the back. (With all the sailors, the inn was overcrowded). So the party chose to not stay at the inn, despite Iris’ gnomish desire to have a new experience (the experience of getting fleas).

The party learned about an abandoned house in the village from the bartender, and so chose to spend the night there. It was a bit drafty and had a puddle in one corner. Upon closer inspection the puddle turned out to be a gray ooze. The ooze was quickly dispatched due to Twitch’s well-stocked supply of alchemical goods (including alkali flasks). After dispatching the ooze, the party was able to rest for the night.

In the morning, they proceeded to Mirrshire. It was a slow morning-long trip as they poled the barge through the swamp. The peaceful trip was only interrupted by an encounter with a yellow musk creeper – a carnivorous plant that like to plant its seeds in fresh corpses. Despite its reputation as a dangerous creature, the party quickly killed it, mostly with different kinds of fiery attacks. However, there were several yellow musk zombies on hand as well – previous victims of the plant which were now controlled by the plants seedlings as they devoured the corpses from within. These took slightly longer to deal with, but the party managed to eliminate them without too much trouble. A search of the zombies turned up some treasure, which had been possessed by the previous victims. One victim in particular seemed to have been a religious missionary of some sort, and had some valuable items. (Detailed below.)

Apart from that, the party made it to Mirrshire uneventfully. Mirrshire was a very poor village with no shops or inns. The party managed to find the village elder, who told them that he had seen the missing agent and even signed a contract with him. The agent had then departed back toward Herring Point, and that was the last anyone in the village had seen of him. The party resolved to make a copy of the contract to deliver back to Greenguard, but also decided to look for the missing agent.

It was approaching dusk by the time the contract had been copied. After some debate, the party decided to take Bud and Bertha’s boat out into the swamp that night and set themselves up as “bait” for whatever might be causing the disappearances of all of the missing people. The party hired a local boy (after a bit of convincing) as a guide, and left a hefty deposit with Bud and Bertha to effectively rent the boat from them. The party promised to return by the morning so everyone (including Bud and Bertha) could go back to Herring Point.

But after many hours on the boat, the party did not find anything – until in the depth of the night, Ruby and Twitch heard something swimming through the water behind the boat. They quietly alerted the rest of the party, and then…

The session ended. Next time we will start with the night scene on the boat, with something (3 evil creatures actually, as Gaelin the ever-vigilant paladin ascertained) lurking out there in the water.


Treasure found:

Ring of Protection +1 (currently Alton has it)
A wand of cure light wounds (divine, caster level 3) with 29 charges
Pouch containing 9pp 8gp 10sp
A gold pendant in the form of a trident (not magical)
A rusted dagger (which Alton mended, so it is now a serviceable normal dagger)

XP: Everyone (including G’Tar) gets 400XP for the session.

First Session
Meeting at the Vine & Sickle
It is late summer, and the weather is hot and humid…

…typical for the Ducal Colony of Greenguard at this time of year. Our intrepid adventuring party is gathered at the Vine & Sickle Inn, after returning from a mission where they salvaged some cargo from a shipwreck of the shore to the south. As the group was relaxing and enjoying some proper food and drink for a change, they were approached by a half-elf named Mason. He is a foreman for the Lockhaven Trading Company who normally doles out tasks to the family’s freelance agents in Greenguard. mason provided a rundown of the Company’s recent woes: A backlog of shipments from the Duchy across the sea, missing ships, Shipping lanes forced to move due to natural disasters, pirate activity, raids on the trade route to the Dwarven Kingdom… Times seem to be getting tough in Greenguard.

What with the missing ships, the company is behind on trade shipments to the dwarves, so the family is looking for other means of payment. The plan is to set up a deal with the villages in the swamp to the south, for medicinal herbs. The herbs are abundant in the swamp, and the small fishing villages are poor and eager for extra goods and income. The company can the trade the herbs to the dwarves at a significant mark-up. It seems like the perfect plan, except for one small hitch. The agent sent to negotiate the deal is missing. Enter our band of adventurers!

The Family wants you to go down into the swamps to find the missing agent, an elf named Thandric. To that end you’ve been provided passage to a small fishing village on the coast called Herring Point. It’s a short journey, and you arrive there in the afternoon. The town is small, composed of ramshackle wooden buildings. The smell of fish is overpowering, which makes sense given the large racks of salted fish left out in the sun to dry. Upon arrival, the denizens of the village don’t know what to make of the party. Such exotic, well-armed folk are almost never seen in this tiny village. Most of the folk retreat into their homes, giving the village a deserted look.

To try to entice the folk out, Iris summoned her eidolon, Kocobob, and asked him to do some tricks in the center of the village. Unfortunately, brightly colored, summoned, celestial beings are also not seen very frequently in tiny fishing villages, and the villagers are more afraid of Kocobob than intrigued.

Gaelin and Iris went around to the houses, knocking on doors and trying to reassure the villagers. Iris managed to coax a few folks out, who were quite impressed with Kocobob after they realized that he would not eat them.

Gaelin, dusted off his finery and put on his most charming smile as he started asking about Thandric (the missing agent). He was directed to the village elder, who told him that the agent had been through the village about a week earlier, and set off into the swamp in a rented flatboat. He was pointed toward the docks, where the swamp boats that make the run between herring Point and Mirrshire tie up.

Meanwhile, Twitch went into the the local inn to see what he could find out. The Mended Net is not a large establishment, and it is full up with sailors rescued from a recent shipwreck – the very one that the party had recently salvaged cargo from.

In all of this activity, G’Tar, and Alton hung in the background, trying not to look too imposing, while Ruby helped Iris and Gaelin sooth the villagers.

And that’s where we finished up.


Twitch had not really had a chance to talk to the barkeep. Should Twitch choose to make any queries at the inn, the barkeep as you would expect, would probably strike up a friendly conversation. Also, several of the sailors recognize Twitch as part of the salvage team from the shipwreck.

Gaelin, I believe, was headed to the docks. He will find that one of the swamp trading boats is moored there – a medium-sized barge operated by a husband and wife by the names of Bud and Bertha. Bud looks like he is pretty amiable, while Bertha seems more matter-of-fact in her demeanor. Bud will wave at Gaelin and shout a friendly greeting as he approaches. Bertha will tell Bud to tie down those crates already! The barge needs to be loaded before sundown!


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